Bulow Trail Race Half Marathon

I completed the Bulow Trail Race Half Marathon on December 7, 2019. Running to mile 7.5 or there abouts, I ran at about an 9 minute mile pace. At approximate mile 9 or 10 I started to slow down considerably. I averaged nearly an 11 minute mile for the entire race. Race organizers said that this trail race would include higher running times, meaning a slower completion time. I knew that my time would be slower. I was perfectly ok with that. No hydration on the course. No gel on the course. The race organizers tried to keep the litter on the trail to zero. I think that the organizers met this objective. All in all, the race was quite fun and challenging. Much better than the Disney 1/2. Lighthouse loop is actually much faster, much easier than any course I have been on yet. This course was a lot of fun because it was shady and in nature. That was awesome!

One slightly negative or improvement. I finished the race at 2:22 (that is 2 hours and 22 minutes and 53 seconds or something). I felt very weak on finishing. I went to the water cooler to re-hydrate, at least a little. Two people stood behind the cooler filling the mason jar glasses with ice to give to people upon finishing. It wasn’t that I could not not catch my breath because as I stated above, I did not run all that fast. But my muscles and body needed replenishment. I walked to the cooler thinking that I might get a little water after running  13.1 miles and not drinking any water on the course. I stood at the containers for a moment trying to figure out exactly what was in each 5 gallon cooler. The lady pointed to the cooler in front of her and said “water.” Then, the lady pointed to the second container and said “lemonade.” I said “thank you.” A man stood behind the lemonade cooler filling mason glasses with ice. I pointed to the the container with water. I grabbed a glass with ice and filled it with water. My body absorbed the 8 ounces of water immediately upon it touching the inside of my mouth. I walked back to the lemonade container. The man behind the water jug says with an almost hostile attitude, “oh, what do you want now?!” I paused, looked up into the man’s face because he had no eyes that I could see and I said, “LEMONADE!” He immediately turned his head the opposite direction. The lady’s reaction to the man after condescendingly saying what he said to me was “what the heck is your problem?” I went back to the water cooler and lemonade cooler one more time each.

This race was a very perfect culmination of a long semester in the environmental law class. I got to see first hand how the laws that are made to keep people from polluting Florida’s wetlands had a practical application. This race was truly amazing. We got to run right by the Halifax River. It was awesome. I found out about the race because I receive emails from people who organize races around the area. I felt like writing and telling the organizers what a great time I had. And that I was happy to train to run in more races should I receive more emails in the future. I wanted to say also, that if the people that volunteer for the races do not want me to attend the races, then please, refrain from sending me an email as an invitation. It is not likely that I will be offended by not receiving an email. I am slightly offended by some of the rudeness and condescending attitude of that volunteer. This is one small issue that I don’t feel that I need to stir the pot over. Although, I certainly felt like stirring the pot after this dismissive conversation occurred.

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